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In order for Skimmer to securely absorb floating oil on water surface, it is necessary to vacuum oil together with air on the water surface.

But the air generates an excessive buoyancy force  which brings the hose, floats, and collection opening higher up and prevents the unit from secure collection.
Our company’s floats have a “Double Float Structure” which prevents the influence of buoyancy fluctuation caused by air.
The main floats  hold the main body and hose stable, while the gate floats  hold the collection opening secure
and stable. In this way, the hose and the collection opening move independently and smoothly without influence by other parts.
The Double Float Structure also smoothly adjusts to changes on liquid surface and fluctuations of waves.
Floating pump for collecting or transferring oil.Suitable for collecting high-viscosity scum, sludge containing oil or floating oil in various kinds of wastewater by using a scraper. Also effective to collect floating oil in a coolant tank.
  Flow: 0.9 – 6 T/h
  Head 4-7 m






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